• Where do I buy Planet Mu mp3s, records and cds?

    Originally asked by Mike P on Jan 28, 2014 and asked 9917 times since.

    All digital and most new physical releases will be available right here - just search for the record you want in the discography, choose the format and click buy! If you cannot find what your looking for in the correct format, the following stores also carry a good range of stock:

    In the UK:



  • Who distributes Planet Mu?

    Originally asked by Mike P on Jan 28, 2014 and asked 9339 times since.

    Planet Mu is distributed in the following countries:

    http://www.cargorecords.co.uk/ (U.K)
    http://www.redeyeusa.com (U.S.A)
    http://www.cargo-records.de/ (Germany)
    http://www.meltingbot.net/ (Japan)


  • I am buying from abroad (non U.K) are the prices still in GBP £ sterling and will I get charged V.A.T?

    Originally asked by Thomas on Feb 4, 2013 and asked 4229 times since.

    All our prices are in GBP £ sterling regardless of where you order from.

    V.A.T is only included in our prices for U.K and E.U purchases. If you purchase from outside the E.U. the VAT will be removed at the checkout.