Kuedo – Severant [Review]

  • Kuedo - Severant

    Reviewed by Cyrus Shahrad Source: (The Stool Pigeon)

    <b> Kuedo </b> - Severant

    With his solo debut, Jamie Teasdale has taken a big step backwards to make a giant leap forwards. Any lingering associations with the UK dubstep scene he previously dominated as one half of bass beserkers Vex’d — and which he moved to Berlin three years ago to distance himself from — are well and truly scuppered with Severant, an album that takes as its inspiration the synthesiser music of the ’80s, and particularly the movie soundtracks of Vangelis, John Carpenter and the like. Cutting-edge production techniques abound — the rushing hi-hats of modern hip hop, the super-compressed kick drums of post dubstep — but there’s also an affinity with the sense of wonder and hope for the future that accompanied the advent of computer music, making this no mere attempt to cash in on another generation’s cultural capital. Genuine emotion runs through the record’s replicant veins, and every track conjures up images of ’80s sci fi films that were never made: an awe-struck moon landing in ‘Whisper Fate’; an acid rain-smeared neon city in ‘Scissors’; a fluttering romance between escaped robot slaves in ‘Reality Drift’. Only ‘Flight Path’, with its almost verbatim reworking of Vangelis’ Blade Runner theme, momentarily grounds the record a little too closely in the realm of musical tribute, although it soon takes off again, rotors spinning, lights blinking. A strong contender for electronic album of the year.

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