Kuedo “Severant” (Planet Mu)

  • Kuedo - Severant

    Reviewed by KARIM VICKERY Source: (Halcyon)

    <b> Kuedo </b> - Severant

    As half of the London duo Vex’d, Jamie Teasdale probed the dark underbelly of Dubstep. I mean, their name was Vex’d for chrissakes, and track titles like Bombardment of Saturn and Killing Floor hardly conjure up visions of skipping through daisies on a spring morning. Those tracks, as well as much of the material on their 2010 Planet Mu album Cloud Seed, were striking, post-apocalyptic affairs that were positively steeped in dread, although selections like Remains Of the Day and Shinju Bridge incorporated some appealing melodies amidst the rib cage rattling beats and industrial grit. As well, their remixes of Prokofiev’s String Quartet No.2 and John Richards Suite For Piano And Electronics were far more atmospheric than percussive.

    With his solo project Kuedo, Teasdale continues to mine the worlds of sci-fi and fantasy but here he’s more concerned with light than with shadow. Last year’s Dream Sequence EP utilized a more vivid palette of sounds and Oh, the final track on his recent Videowave EP was practically effervescent in it’s layered melodic sensibility. That the opener on Severant is titled Visioning Shared Tomorrows, certainly indicates an intent to establish a more optimistic mood, and the track, with it’s lovely melody and delicate percussion is an ideal intro into Teasdale’s cinematic, retro-futuristic creation. The colossal bass-crunch of Vex’d has given way to the slinky, slithering beats and dense keyboards on tracks like Ant City and Seeing The Edges. There is also a refreshing textural variance on offer here – Scissors purrs like a helicopter over an Asian-inspired motif that calls to mind the early solo work of Ryuichi Sakamoto; Reality Drift glitters like a myriad of digital water droplets; while both Shutter Light Girl and As We Lie Promising are beat-less, soundtrack-ready miniatures. Where Vex’d evokes the twisted vision of Heavy Metal magazine, Kuedo comes off more like Omni – sleek, smart and mindful of a bright future.

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