Enter Juke's Darkside

  • DJ Diamond - Flight Muzik

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    <b> DJ Diamond </b> - Flight Muzik

    Planet Mu’s quest for Chicago’s freshest ghetto bounce also known as juke continues. And with DJ Diamond’s debut album ”Flight Muzik,“ Planet Mu mastermind Mike Paradinas has landed another corker. 24 year old Karlis Griffin aka DJ Diamond is a true master when it comes to letting the drums tumble loosely through heavily edited and processed samplescapes and bursts of neon synths. His sound is a fierce amalgam of low-riding bass-weight, hyperactive toms and a kaleidoscope of chopped up samples. Tracks like the twisted and dark ”Wreckage“ or the threatening ”Torture Rack“ are simply mental. Thanks to DJ Diamond’s ”Flight Muzik,“ we get introduced to juke’s darkside. Chicago’s newest musical

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