Album Review: Boxcutter / ‘The Dissolve’ (Planet Mu)

  • Boxcutter - The Dissolve

    Reviewed by Matt Oliver Source: (Big Shot)

    <b> Boxcutter </b> - The Dissolve

    Given Boxcutter’s definitive savagery of Oneiric, Barry Lynn’s adoption of an electro-funk posture requires patience if you’ve heard the name and think you have a handle on him. Not because it’s poorly produced or disconcertingly relaxed — if you’re expecting a slick, star-dusted record for the lounge, not only are you a psychic/liar, but you’re in for a good time — but a downsizing from dubstep demon-beating to plush disco-brushed coolness makes his debut 2006 album seem like an eternity ago. A lobotomy of maturity and knowledge can be the only feasible explanation.

    “Cold War” gets to shake the walls and wheel up the big guns, dubstep with a angle and computerized feeds running rampant, after a preliminary spell of Boxcutter making himself as comfortable as possible. It’s an escape from Lynn keeping his cool; the Northern Irelander is in no rush as he continues to pamper ears rather than leaving them begging for plugs. Dedicating the second half of The Dissolve to future garage, “Moon Pupils” and the Kab Driver collabo “Little Smoke” do bumping two-step buckshots, and the first-rate “Factory Setting” lurches towards fuming 4×4. Lynn kicks on having warmed up thoroughly and stays stylish to the last.

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