Boxcutter – Allele review

  • Boxcutter - Allele

    Reviewed by Belinda Rowse Source: (Juno Plus)

    <b> Boxcutter </b> - Allele

    Hold tight Planet Mu fans: there’s a Boxcutter album on the horizon. Yes, you heard. Otherwise known as Barry Lynn, the Irish dubstep, or now, probably more accurately described as post-dubstep artist, Boxcutter has been responsible for some superb Squarepusher, DJ Shadow and Four Tet influenced cuts in recent times on labels such as Planet Mu, Hotflush, Abucs and Kinnego. This is the first single to be taken from the aforementioned LP, The Dissolve, which is due to land next month.

    Getting straight down to business with DNA-bothering track “Allele”, Boxcutter kicks off with some hollowed, distanced metallic SFX and purposeful clinking synth keys before building up textures to form the main tune. Blending techno stabs with a dubstep sensibility and bubbling, bongo style juke drums which patter away beautifully, it’s a fantastic mish-mash of styles, which just, somehow, work. It’s got that discernible late night dancefloor edge, which will appeal to Boxcutter fans new and old. Over on the flip, ‘”Other People” tunes into a more pared down vibe with shaking maracas providing a nice texture beneath the squeaky synth flourishes and glazed 2 step drums. Delectable, tripped out electronica here and the sounds of now from Boxcutter – relish it.

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