• FaltyDL - You Stand Uncertain

    Reviewed by Stoyan Source: (Panica Online)

    <b> FaltyDL </b> - You Stand Uncertain

    We were gone for three weeks. We know, it happens. The good news, however, is that today I have the honor of presenting to you, after a long wait by me, the second album by FaltyDL – You Stand Uncertain.

    The story of the beginning of the partnership between Drew Lustman and Planet Mu is one of the rather unbelievable things in electronic music, still the debut ‘Love is a Liability’ from 2009, as well as the EPs such as ‘Endeavour’ and the latest ‘Hip Love’ (even though not on Planet Mu), should leave no doubt as to why the connection between artist and label is so well kept. That is why in this day Mike Paradinas and the rest of the guys behind the experimental imprint deliver 12 new pieces from FaltyDL.

    ‘You Stand Uncertain’ is done in the typical Falty style – garage in the New York way, only this time the focus falls on the album’s integrity. Of course, this doesn’t mean that Falty’s sound hasn’t evolved – even the other way around. The very first track starts out different than his previous efforts with the addition of a vocalist. And while I risk sounding like a youtube user posting cliche comments under videos, I really find it hard to get a solid opinion on the rest of the album, since I find myself taken away one too many times by the ingenious ‘Gospel of Opal’, where the magical voice of Anneka takes FaltyDL’s music to the next level. Maybe that’s what sets the bar too high and gives the impression of something missing in some of the instrumental tracks. Yet as we would expect – there is nothing faulty about Falty. Personally, all I got left is guessing how many times will I have to listen to ‘Gospel of Opal’ before I can fully get lost throughout the skipping drums and lush melodies, which separate FaltyDL’s work as an achievement in bass music.

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