You Stand Uncertain

  • FaltyDL - You Stand Uncertain

    Reviewed by Helene Dancer Source: (Brainer Magazine)

    <b> FaltyDL </b> - You Stand Uncertain

    FaltyDL’s second album, ‘You Stand Uncertain’, has elicited an unprecedented amount of chin stroking. There have been references to his ‘post-post-modern’ use of samples and debates as to how he achieved such an elegant sense of timelessness to his compositions. However you like your music dissected, ‘You Stand Uncertain’ is an intriguing album.

    Even though he’s based Stateside, FaltyDL – or Drew Lustman – has always been inspired by sonic rumblings from across the pond. ‘You Stand Uncertain’ pays homage to hardcore, rave, dubstep and all its subsequent electronic permutations. But this doesn’t mean it has only throwback appeal; rather, he subsumes these influences into electronic landscapes that he makes his own.

    FaltyDL relies heavily on samples from his extensive record collection, which apparently is too big to keep in his Brooklyn flat – he’s had to leave some with his dad back in New Haven, where he’s originally from. He captures a hands-on, homemade spirit in his music, which feels refreshingly at ease with itself. He doesn’t try to be anything in particular – it just comes naturally.

    If you can get beyond the sample-spotting point scoring, ‘You Stand Uncertain’ is a place to lose yourself in some seriously soulful electronic music. ‘Brazil’ is a lovely 2-step number with Lily McKenzie on vocals, the 808 snap of ‘Open Space’ underpins sweeping pads, and the unmistakable rumblings of the Reese bass line on the title track, ‘You Stand Uncertain’, contributes to one of the album’s best moments. For a 27-year-old who didn’t ever go to hardcore raves in the ’90s, FaltyDL manages to get the atmosphere just right.

    He also manages to keep the journey varied, segueing from the classic rave stabs and jungle percussion of dancefloor-killer ‘Lucky Luciano’ to the more chugging ‘Voyager’, which has already drawn comparisons with Theo Parrish-style productions.

    And with 12” records sets to drop on Loefah’s excellent Swamp81 later this year, FaltyDL is indeed one to keep a very close eye on. In ‘You Stand Uncertain’, he’s created an accomplished sophomore album that cements his reputation as one of the most exciting producers around.

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