Dj Nate - Hatas Our Motivation

  • DJ Nate - Hatas Our Motivation

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    <b> DJ Nate </b> - Hatas Our Motivation

    Without a doubt, DJ Nate's 'Hatas Our Motivation' is one of the most beguiling, vital releases of the year. Nate is a 20 year old producer from Chicago and pioneer of the Footwork sub-strand of Juke, the Booty derivative descended from DJ's Funk, Rashad, Spinn and more. Even inside Chicago itself, Footwork is a niche concern, reserved for frenetic dance battles between rival crews performing a style somewhere between Jazz Dance and Breakdancing. Quite honestly, it's some of the most mindblowing dance music we've heard in the last decade, from the hyper concatenated construction to the use of elephantine bass drones and liberally freeform approach to sampling. We'll save the proper gush for his forthcoming 25-track collection 'Da Trak Genious', but in the meantime these are the first 6-tracks of Footwork to receive a commercial release outside of the US (in fact, quite possibly anywhere), therefore demanding your attention, RIGHT NOW! Here, you'll find stone cold classics such as 'Hatas Our Motivation', 'Ima Burn Him' and the ultimate marmite flavour of his Evanescence-sampling 'See Into My Eyes'. If you don't want to look like a doyle on the floor, we'd recommend you get some Footwurk practice in the privacy of your own home. Essential!!!!!!!!!!!

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