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  • DJ Nate - Da Trak Genious

    Reviewed by Tom Olesen Source: (Spoonfed)

    <b> DJ Nate </b> - Da Trak Genious

    The new one on the ever excellent Planet Mu imprint is this odd little number from the 20 year old DJ Nate from Chicago. Well, an odd sound to us over over here in the UK at least, but it's a sound that is very familiar to the youth of Chicago, a sound known as Footwork. Footwork is the soundtrack to a frenetic dance style known as Juking, Stepping, or Footworking.

    This isn't so much an album as it is a compilation of various bits and pieces Nate has been killing the Juking scene with over the last few years. They're all essentially instrumental tracks but most feature a repeated, chopped and screwed, vocal sample as it's central pivot. It's reminiscent of the Miami booty bass of DJ Assault or the hip hop of someone like Dipset's Arabmuzik but it's roots lie in Chicago's house scene or more specifically the type of ghetto house pioneered by Chicago label Dance Mania.

    At first it's a slightly tough listen, the crazy syncopation and the constantly repeated vocal licks appear haphazard but there's an amazingly hypnotic effect and the strange mechanical ticks and bubbling 808s and sub basses combine to have you tapping and nodding along until really you're just kind of vibrating, it's easy to see why this is the music of choice for Juking, the foot movements of which are fast to say the least.

    Stylistically Juking lies somewhere between B-Boy uprocking, C-Walking, jump style and jazz dance. Watching a good dancer is like watching someone smoothly floating above a whirlwind, top half serene and smooth, legs a blur. Musical movements are often associated with the drug that fuels it. For the hippies it was LSD, for the acid house heads it was MDMA, the only thing that can be fuelling this stuff is Ritalin.

    This has been on heavy rotation in the CD player, mostly because it's such a good antidote to the dubstep-a-thon the world seems locked into at the moment. It's itchy music this, the tracks are all only 2 or 3 minutes long and the rewind and come again factor is definitely high here. In fact the more listens it gets the itchier it becomes. This isn't a classic by any means, but it is an introduction to a vibrant and interesting sound and to a unique talent who will undoubtedly drop that classic in the not too distant. For the moment enjoy a slice of something fresh and exciting for once.

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