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  • FaltyDL - Phreqaflex

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    <b> FaltyDL </b> - Phreqaflex

    New 3-track EP from FaltyDL (ne Andrew Lustman) from the ever-glorious Planet Mu imprint, the first of two he's got lined up in the next few months. It offers a bit of a twist on FaltyDL's tried-and-true NY-flavored future garage, this time taking on a 2-step template and no small amount of jacking Chicago flavor to the mix. The title track's high-energy rhythm and gurgling low-slung bass is a marked departure for the artist, who usually traffics in more laid-back and contemplative garage sounds.

    Second track "Because You" retains the hard-charging bass drum and snares but adds Lustman's signature jazzy organ arrangements and snatches of diva vox, creating a dancefloor-oriented sound that few but FaltyDL could hope to match. "My Friends Will Always Say..." is the jewel of the EP, and it's the song closest in sound to the upscale urban garage sounds of last year's Love Is a Liability, with its quasi-acid formant-filtered bass and descending chords. The vox samples are even more bewitching than usual, given the Boxcutter-esque pitch-shifting they're subjected to. It's that one incredible track I can always count on Lustman to deliver with every release.

    Lustman's second EP for Planet Mu, Endeavor, will be out in September, and it will reportedly focus on his experiments in house music. I'm interested to hear it, naturally, as the weird slow-house artists I usually favor (Floating Points, et al) are pretty quiet so far this year. I'm interested to hear Lustman's take on the genre. I also wouldn't be surprised if we heard more from the man on other labels, as he's got a lot of commitments and a work ethic to match. I guess we'll have to wait and see...

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