SOLAR BEARS She Was Coloured In 10/10 review

  • Solar Bears - She Was Coloured In

    Reviewed by THEYDON BOIS Source: (Vice Magazine)

    <b> Solar Bears </b> - She Was Coloured In

    A reclusive duo from some Celtic rural idyll with straw in their sampler who concoct ragged, blissed-out disco jams and curdled sci-fi funk? Yep, Solar Bears have probably heard one or two Boards of Canada records in the past, but their enchanting take on sepia-synthed nostalgia means there’s more to this Irish pair than a broken Bagpuss VHS and their uncle’s Vangelis compilation. Heavily atmospheric and sounding like it was made in a garden shed in 1976, She Was Coloured In sits somewhere between The Wicker Man soundtrack, Screamadelica and Twoism, but has a spellbinding quality all of its own.

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