She Was Coloured In Planet Mu ****

  • Solar Bears - She Was Coloured In

    Reviewed by JIM CARROLL Source: (The Irish Times)

    <b> Solar Bears </b> - She Was Coloured In

    This may well be what sweet dreams sound like. Dublin/Wicklow duo John Kowalski and Rian Trench have been winning friends over the last couple of months with their beautifully pitched, often pastoral, occasionally somnolent, sometimes visceral and always intriguing electronica. While their sound traces similar lines to the likes of Boards of Canada, Ultramarine and Aphex Twin, there are enough individual touches to keep you hooked. What separates Solar Bears from other duos pumping synths and knocking noggins together to sculpt cinematic notions is the richness and vibrancy of their sound. Tracks like Neon Colony, Dolls and Crystalline bubble and simmer with mellow, hazy grooves that are capable of developing surprisingly dramatic plots when you least expect them. A hugely promising start – and a smart signing by Planet Mu.

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