Solar Bears She Was Coloured In

  • Solar Bears - She Was Coloured In

    Reviewed by Unknown Source: (20 Jazz Funk Greats)

    <b> Solar Bears </b> - She Was Coloured In

    “See, this album you are playing now sounds like it could have been made by some French crazies in the 1970s, when prog became that all-encompassing juggernaut that vomited liquid shards of over-nourished human psyche all over the place, it was kind of gross and eventually tiresome. But while the going was good, I swear, it was the most exciting of times. You took one of those records from its floridly decorated sleeve, slipped it on, leant back and breathed deep, woosh, it was like going partying in the docks of Marseilles as re-imagined by some sword and sorcery nut, you never fucken knew what was going to happen next, smoke and mirrors, twists and turns, ah, the energy! And if at parts it sounded like the future, not the future we dreamed but the future that happened, it is because some of us travelled there riding in the back of a red dragon. The metronome of this song swings with the circumference of a horizon beheld from high above, where the clouds glow with a tinture which is both the warmth of the sun, and the deep blue of the space above, it makes me wanna cry for everything we have forgotten’.

    Solar Bears’ She Was Coloured In’ is one of the most astonishing albums that 20jazzfunkgreats (and Florian) have heard in a long time- like Subway soundtracking Fantastic Planet or something. But you are going to have to await until September to listen to it in its utterly transfixing glory. In Planet Mu, those guys know.

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