• Raffertie 'String Theory / 7th Dimension'

    Raffertie - 7th Dimension

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    <b> Raffertie </b> - 7th Dimension

    I must admit that I cued this release up in iTunes with a certain sense of trepidation; I’m not really a massive fan of raved up wobbles – being far too old and jaded for that sort of thing – and Raffertie has taken that sound probably about as far as it can go on the previous bits of his I’ve heard. So, I was pleasantly surprised when the two tracks here turned out to be much deeper and more spacious than I had expected. ‘String Theory’ rolls out with an echoing bleep and pad vibe reminiscent of classic Warp Records, before it drops into a bizarre churning subsonic bassline and swirly layers of effected vocals. I say drops; you probably wouldn’t really get away with playing this in a club, but it’s prime headphone tackle. The flipside ‘7th Dimension’ is more ravetacular, with wailing 80s r’n’b vocals cut up all over a hybrid electro / dubstep track, a huge breakdown and some crunching sub hits. Overall I'd say this probably isn't my favourite Mu release in recent weeks and months, but if you are hungry for something fresh then it's certainly worth a look. The artwork is lovely as well.