Starkey Stars

  • Starkey - Stars (feat. Anneka)

    <b> Starkey </b> - Stars (feat. Anneka)

    Earlier this month PlanetMu released 'Stars', the first single from Starkey's phenomenal follow-up album 'Ear Drums and Black Holes.' The single features sublime vocals from Brighton, UK's rising starlet Anneka Warburton and deviates from Starkey's grimey, gutter music that we've all come to know and love. 'Stars' is a heartfelt celestial lullaby built with flittering drum sequences, swelling and receding waves of synth pads and soothing vocals from Anneka that show off Starkey's softer side and versatility as a producer. Slugabed's remix [available as a free download courtesy of NME here] dissects and flips the original elements into a glitched-out, yet restrained arrangement allowing the vocals to remain preserved and suspended above the mix. Listeners of Starkey's Seclusiasis radio show on should be familiar with his other tunes on the release 'Starting Gates' and 'Millenia', streetbass anthems with powerful crescendos of colorful synth-lines, break-neck bass drops and that Philly club swagger. Neither 'Starting Gates' or 'Millenia' will be featured on EDABH and coupled with 'Stars' remixes from Mu associates Ital Tek, Raffertie, and Few Nolder [Digital release only] this release is a necessary companion to the forthcoming LP. Support!!

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