Starkey - OK Luv

    <b> Starkey </b> - OK Luv

    Starkey, the man with the magic hands…. does it again. Working on the last details of his upcoming 2nd LP he releases OK Luv soon. Again he tries to redefine the edges of his streetbass sound. Influenced by all styles, defined and out in the open, he creates some new amazing tracks. The a-side Luv ft. Badness is this uptempo hip hop-ish track, a sound we know but the diction, flow of Badness is sweet and brutal at the same time. Multidial is hyper on the synths with this to UK Funky and bassline related basslines, near the ‘hyperbass’ defined by L-vis with a 16 bit edge. The instrumental of Luv is so Starkey! Check it.