• Subeena – 'Solidify/ Analyse' (Planet Mu)

    Subeena Ft. Jamie Woon & Om'Mas Keith - Solidify

    <b> Subeena Ft. Jamie Woon &amp; Om'Mas Keith </b> - Solidify

    After a string of 12’s on a variety of labels including her own (now defunct) Immigrant/ Imminent Recordings, this double A is Subeena’s debut release on Planet Mu (enjoying another phenomenal year). ‘Solidify’ features Jamie Woon on vocals and Sa Ra’s Om ‘Mas Keith on Rhodes and bass and is a gorgeous bewitching brew. Woon wraps a gentle soul croon around some spaced lyrics (I took a moment to breathe/ yeah it was liquid indeed” and later “if only glacier’s could bleed”)while Keith’s melodies are redolent of Boards of Canada or even 70’s John Martyn at their most wide-eyed while Subeena dubs the whole thing and sends it into orbit somewhere round Jupiter. ‘Analyse’ is solo Subeena and highlights her restless melodic skills. More propulsive, it begins with off-kilter almost gamelan-like tones with shimmering textures hovering in the background before the beat moves up a notch and a cyber-harpsichord comes into play. But then it just keeps moving and unfolding before your ears, melodies and thick layers of synth come and go but she never loses sight of the beat. It is this relentless melodic attack that elevates Subeena into something a little unique. Whilst the production couldn’t be more of the moment there is quite a blissful evocation of that first wave of late 80’s dance music - Orbital, ambient Aphex - a kind of beautiful naivety of sound before dance had any kind of history. With a new label in the offing and more productions to come I think she’s going to kill 2010.