• Distance Repercussions

    Distance - Repercussions

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    <b> Distance </b> - Repercussions

    *CD version of the album also features a 2nd c.d. with all Distances own label (Chestplate) releases. Featuring the smash "Victim Support" and "V" and many, many more...* Distance has remained a popular fixture in the world of Dubstep since his earliest releases on Hot Flush, Tectonic and Planet Mu pushed him into the dubstep consiousness, resulting in appearances on the seminal Dubstep takeover session on Mary-Anne Hobbs' Radio 1 show and winning the highly coveted Dubstep Forum Award for Album of the year in 2007 with his all taking 'My Demons'. There's always been something about his connection with metal that has always severed any link for me personally, but the one value that can be undeniably attached to Distance's production is his stringently low dipped bass pressure and industrial strength snares which combine for a fierce soundsystem experience in any situation. Thankfully the metal elements are kept well out of the mix on this album, instead Distance chooses to concentrate on gloomy atmospheric textures and rippling subbass shapes like on the opener 'Magnesium' or the excellent 'Free Me'. Even when the chops do make an appearance on 'Koncrete' they're put to rhythmic effect rather than epic gnarliness. Discordant dubstepper 'Repercussions' is one of the albums highlights, with Sanders approaching from an interesting dub-acoustic angle, but it's tracks like 'Mirror tell' that will be seeing the club play with it's cinematically dystopian qualities, and 'Sending Chills' with the snaky quick-slow patterns have much potential. Along with Cyrus, and the older sound of Vex'd, Distance exhibits a very popular and despite it's comedy value, seriously taken brand of dubstep designed for lights-out and smokes-up home listening. With a bonus cd full of material from Distance's fine Chestplate imprint, it's quite a package....