• Feremented condiments

    Sunken Foal - Fermented Condiments

    Reviewed by Unknown Source: (Boomkat)

    <b> Sunken Foal </b> - Fermented Condiments

    'Fermented Condiments' introduces Duncan Murphy and a list of guest artists with the piquant strings and tumbling piano lines of 'Triplehorn' before introducing treated drum breaks and skilled manipulations to call to mind Tunng jamming with Daedelus. 'Retract' is a blatant Autechre homage, albeit with some seriously lush string treatments, but the beat is pure Ae and all the better for it. 'Folic Abandon' continues the theme of skilled orchestrations given a thick gloss of digitalism, while 'Colloidal Silver' sounds like an introspective John Fahey composition meeting Tangerine Dream somewhere along the line for another lush and highly effective collision of styles. Lovely...