• Venetian Snares - Detrimentalist

    Reviewed by Unknown Source: (Boomkat)

    <b> Venetian Snares </b> - Detrimentalist

    The Planet Mu press release blurb describes this far better than anyone else could ever really hope to. They brand this as "Venetian Snares' 332nd official studio album of disgusting ejacutronic rave horn", adding that "over 20 people were harmed in the making of this record". Perhaps dabbling more explicitly in proto-jungle, early breakcore and rave than some of Aaron Funk's more ambitious productions, this latest album sticks to its Amen break roots very closely, and sounds very much as you think it does, with tracks like 'Koonut-Kaliffee' and 'Sajtban' unashamedly thinking inside-the-box, and all the better for it. There's never any short supply of records of this ilk (smashed-up breaks, ragga vocal samples, squelchy synth lines...), but Mr. Snares carries it off with a rare level of skill and accomplishment, with plenty of attention to detail to boot. Ace.

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