Miss Balaton

  • Venetian Snares - Miss Balaton

    Reviewed by Unknown Source: (Boomkat)

    Venetian Snares - Miss Balaton

    Aaron Funk comes with two of the most accessible cuts from probably his most accessible album to date with this slab of floor wreckin techniques for Planet Mu. 'Miss Balaton' on the A-side features a much matured dancefloor workout with a properly epic intro giving way to less frantic than usual but no less effective jungle-tech in his inimitable style while 'CCUK' is the one for the DJs with a full twintub rinsin' jungle workout that pays homage to the Amen break masters of yesteryear with a strong hint of nostalgia, i'd get into a high quality cheese similie here but my knowledge of the stuff doesn't stretch too far, but yeah, like a good mature cheddar or something. Ace!

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