The Standoffish Cat

  • Mrs Jynx - The Standoffish Cat

    Reviewed by Unknown (International DJ magazine)

    <b> Mrs Jynx </b> - The Standoffish Cat

    Old-time melodic electronica just like Mama used to make - or in fact, quite like Planet Mu boss Mike Paradinas used to make. With just a handful of well-received singles and remixes to her name on various obscure imprints, Hannah Davidson's debut long-player is a direct descendent of the so-called 'golden age' of British home listening techno, the mid-90s movement that started with Aphex Twin ground to something of a creative halt sometime in the aftermath of Boards of Canada. However, with today's experimental scene dominated by bleak, crackly abstraction ker-razy drill & bass and edgy dubstep/IDM crossovers, Hannah Davidsons emotive, summery wistfulness is a true joy to behold. Tracks like Trigger For A Thought and Vlodrum overlay roughly-forged breaks with cascading chimes and perky acidic burbles, while the refined ambience of Kites and Ice Pops evoke memories of afternoons spent lying in fields at various points throughout the last 15 or so years. Heartfelt, musically accomplished and oozing sweetness without ever becoming trite, this is a gently, genuinely stunning effort. 5 STARS

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