• Neil Landstrumm Lord for £39

    Neil Landstrumm - Lord For £39

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    <b> Neil Landstrumm </b> - Lord For £39

    Neil Landstrumm follows the phenomenal success of his 'Restaurant Of Assasins' LP with his second longplayer for Planet Mu on 'Lord for £39', a title which apparently refers to being a baron on the cheap, and hijacking the the system after greed has caused it to fail and getting on top (nope, us neither). Landstrumms skill with 'RoA' was magpie picking the best elements from some 20 years of dance and rave culture in the UK, but 'Lord...' looks to the future with collaborations from some top end producers, Si Begg, Rustie and Ebola, and more blatant infuences from grime, crunk, garage and synth-funked dubstep. 'Transmission' with Si Begg sets out his stall with odd electronics and nu-skool breaks bass, 'Easter Krunk Power' sits somewhere between Wiley style grime cheek and steppy hardcore, and the welcome appearance of Carlton Killawatt on hardcore bleep stepper 'Sh*t Daddy Bass' is suitably rude. 'Little help From Rustie' feat Tobias Schmidt takes apart a Rustie beat and reconfigures it in Landstrumm and Schmidts vision, and 'King Of malta' is a refreshingly reflective effort allowing for some breathing space. 'The Dose' links up with Ebola on a chip frying downstepped electro track and final cut 'Ross Kemp as Pixel' descends deeper into the game, reaching level 14 where the soundtrack bleeps get more urgent and the bass reaches critically low frequencies. For the old fans you definitely won't be dissappointed, for any fresher heads loving Joker, Rustie or Dabrye you'll find a lot to bounce along with too. Aces.