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    <b> Eero Johannes </b> - Eero Johannes

    This guy is a new one to me but from as soon as it starts I'm intrigued.
    From the beginning of first track 'Lipton Service Boy' there's a definite
    air of electro pop or even italo. A slap bass line interspersed with lush
    chords and intricate percussion.
    Apparently this is something to do with a musical movement from Scandinavia-
    called Skweee it's the combination of very simple synth leads and basslines
    with the rhythms of funk RnB and soul. Mostly based around online networks
    it is slowly edging out into the real world due to it's personal take on
    dance music.
    This style is very noticeable on 'We Could Be Skweeepoes.' This track will
    obviously be compared to Squarepusher with it's funky live bass sound
    interspersed with electronic beats and warbling synth bass, but with an
    ultimately laid back and no doubt Scandinavian feel.
    Eero was kicked out of his old funk band as he solo'd out too much. This is
    why he started making music with computers combined with his live bass. As
    well as italo and electro-funk, his style also edges on Miami bass on 'Hal
    Manifesto' and 'Mantik.'
    Another great album from Planet Mu with yet another avenue explored. 9/10

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