• Frog Pocket - Come On Primates Show Your Teeth!

    Reviewed by Boomkat

    <b> Frog Pocket </b> - Come On Primates Show Your Teeth!

    The first thing that grabs you about this release is the dancing wicker man on the sleeve, looking like it might be a still from some long lost disco-themed sequel to the classic Brit horror movie. That sort of tongue-in-cheek creepiness pervades Come On Primates. It's an album that draws on both rough, folksy templates and the electronic arsenal you'd expect from Frog Pocket's John Charles Wilson. After the jagged electroacoustics of 'Mull Fhuar' the eight-minute break edits on 'Rig Of Jarkness' sets the album into more comfortable Planet Mu territory. Next up, 'Lady Hunter Blair' does for an acoustic guitar's natural harmonics what Aphex Twin's 'Nannou' did for music boxes, rattling through a pitch-shifted soundscape of melodic twinkling. There's a real split-personality feel to this album, with a total disregard for sonic cohesion: one minute you'll be blistering through the psychotropic braindance tones of 'Windy Goule', the next you'll be chillaxing to the dulcet chimes of 'Kelpy Staircase'. Probably the most successful marriage of these styles comes on 'Dungeon Hills' and 'Heavy Gruts', both of which find Wilson merging the two different approaches into a much-needed unified whole.

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