• µ-Ziq - Duntisbourne Abbots Soulmate Devastation Technique

    Reviewed by Boomkat

    <b> µ-Ziq </b> - Duntisbourne Abbots Soulmate Devastation Technique

    The break-up album, it's the way otherwise totally autistic musicians (read : most of them) manage to tell the outside world how they're feeling, and few have left less to the imagination than electronica old-skooler and Planet Mu boss Mike Paradinas on the cover art of this latest full-length. 'Duntisbourne Abbots Soulmate Devastation Technique' as if you didn't get the idea from the title is an album which goes through the break-up of Paradinas and his partner, and thanks to some spiffingly grotesque illustrations we see female hands poking, exploding and pulling at the brains of a dead man, splattered with blood and guts. It's all horrible stuff - but the album is actually a collection of three-minute electronic reflections and variations. Gone are the aggro break-core and junglist templates you would expect and what we're left with is a reflective Paradinas, woozy melodies and sea-shanties re-wired for a jaded post-idm generation. Paradinas has been there pretty much from the beginning and the production here is solid from beginning to end, with 17 tracks over an hour and with track titles like "Dirtylush Stinkwife" - you'll now have a good idea of what to expect. Check!

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