• Boxcutter - Glyphic

    Reviewed by iDJ

    <b> Boxcutter </b> - Glyphic

    Ever since his debut release on Hot Flush, and his first album 'Oneric' on Planet Mu, Bary Lynn (AKA Boxcutter) has been lumped under the dubstep banner with a certain degree of apprehension. Granted musch of his output to date has been around the 140bpm mark, and he often draws for heavy warping bass or dubbed-out washes of delay, but really thats where the similarities end. With his new album, Boxcutter reaffirms his lack of allegiance to any flag, twisting and recombining his mix of live playing, samples and dense programming into new forms across a variety of tempos.
    Highlights include the ghostly dub of 'Windfall', the classic IDM glitch of 'Bug Octet' and the signature clattering cymbals and jazzy refrain of 'Rusty Break'. The fines treat though is the refreshing breeze of 'Foxy', encapsulating both a nostalgic sorrow and a joyous warmth in equal measure. Great mature music.4/5

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