• Darqwan - M/a...ximum Reespek

    Reviewed by Boomkat

    <b> Darqwan </b> - M/a...ximum Reespek

    Shocking productions here from Oris Jay, his first new Darqwan material in a while - keeping the momentum up with an emphasis on crisp delivery that's far removed from the murky wobblestep that's so big right now. Presumably meant as a tribute to scene champion Mary Anne Hobbs, "M/a...ximum Reespek" hits heaviest with it's drops while hoover stabs and a serrated bassline alternate around some disembodied vocals to terrifying effect. "Ghost Not Memory" employs a 2-step blueprint that works a treat - once again the production here shining through : super loud, super crisp, super heavy - Darwan styles. Killer.