• The Gasman - Audiogold

    Reviewed by The Wire

    <b> The Gasman </b> - Audiogold

    This is the Gasman's fourth album for Planet Mu, and while it is a case of more of the same, it's a same well worth savouring. The cover is a knowing nod to lost technologies - Audiogold manufactured C60, C90, and C120 tapes, and their trademark artwork is faithfully reproduced here. The Gasman retains what has become known as his 'Gaylord' sound, in which rave is juxtaposed with mansion house intimations of cobwebbed chandaliers and decaying grandeur; a higher bpm version, in some ways, of what Third Eye Foundation used to do. It's put to best effect on opener 'Crucible', in which grainy organs pipe high and lingering into the rafters. 'Pyrex', meanwhile, sets forth an equestrian canter, as multiple synth riffs fold back on themselves, while '(MX90)' posits a drained, monochrome version of Acid. All in all, Audiogold is carried through by the acrobatic elan of its creator.

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