• The Gasman - Audiogold

    Reviewed by Subba Culcha

    <b> The Gasman </b> - Audiogold

    The Gasman is Portsmouth-based producer Christopher Reeves. Armed only with a knackered PC and a head full of ideas, he has been pumping out records through Planet Mu and various other labels since 2003. His latest offering, Audiogold may be titled audaciously but with an eclectic array of samples and a deep admiration for old school dance music he’s made sure his money is where his mouth is.

    Listening to Audiogold, it’s clear straight away that early Aphex Twin is a huge influence on Reeves. The abstract ambient sounds and jittery drum beats that spawned the IDM genre are prominent throughout. However, this is not music inspired by a few old records picked up in a sale. The more you get into it, the more you realise that this is almost a condensed study of early 90’s rave.

    The music is filled with energy and life, bolstered by a catalogue of samples shamelessly pulled from old rave, pop, jazz and classical records, cut up, chewed up, spat out and left barely recognisable as they melt into yet another mind-bending floor-filler.

    Bringing something that is very much his own to IDM with twelve lovingly crafted and slightly cheeky acid infused tracks, The Gasman has made Audiogold a must for any fan of slightly wonky dance music. It will sit happily alongside records by the likes of Squarepusher, Aphex Twin and Ceephax without looking like some shifty hanger-on. True quality isn’t always easy to find and here it is staring you right in the face.

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