• iTAL tEK - Blood Line

    Reviewed by Boomkat

    iTAL tEK - Blood Line

    Bumper 4-tracker from newcomer iTAL tEK for Planet Mu. This is the Brighton based producer's debut 12" and is the perfect introduction to his 'darker' sound, and as the rest of the scene moves into a more 4/4 direction we see iTAL tEK taking things into the basement and adding a sizable chunk of noise into his productions. It reminds me of when the whole Renegade Hardware sound took hold of drum 'n bass, and that's no bad thing - there's always space for growling distortion and a bad attitude in my mind. I guess Vex'd and more recently Cloaks have approached this sound, but iTAL tEK brings enough variation to make this 12" stand out, and far from merely exploring a bit these tracks have some serious bass weight. You know what to do - bring the darkness!

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