• Ceephax - Megalift E.P.

    Reviewed by Boomkat

    Ceephax - Megalift E.P.

    The long awaited Planet Mu debut for Andy Jenkison and, as you can imagine, the boy's on fire. The twelve kicks off with "Stir Fry Jungle", a totally hyperactive breakbeat frenzy that isn't quite Hardcore (or Jungle for that matter) - instead going down a dayglo path filled with breakneck arpeggio's and a cavernous bassline somewhere in the mix - mental sh*t. "Friend Track" is a more measured analogue Casio anthem, filled-out with those signature melodies that sound like Aphex twin circa the more easy going tracks on the Analogue Bubblebath series - sweet as. Back to business on the flip with "Time Tunnel" : a ravecore, junglist killer complete with sped-up whistles, gabba breakdowns and a Happy Hardcore attitude that may as well have been the official soundtrack to the acid Smiley back in '88. "Castilian" ends the EP with a quasi-gabba lullaby, all cutesy melodies and cascades, sitting nervously on top of another deranged beat. Winner.

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