• Venetian Snares - Pink+Green

    Reviewed by Boomkat

    <b> Venetian Snares </b> - Pink+Green

    Now available on vinyl - on Planet Mu! Never one to rest on his laurels, Aaron Funk moves closer yet to the almighty edit in the sky on the psychodelic happy hardcore rave beast 'Pink + Green'. Still refusing to drop the BPM below 200, Venetian Snares is intent on frying our little heads with his brutallist rave visions, with title track 'Pink + Green' demanding some Russian gymnast style contortionist movements from those who dare step to it. Swinging a novelty sized neon scyth through amphetemine soaked happy hardcore, jungle tekno and the most advanced breakcore rhythms you're likely to hear this year, he's come up with another face melter so complex yet danceable it would take a the whole of Carol Vorderman's family three weeks to quantify, if they could be arsed. Listen to this on headphones or very loud for the full experience. A winner.

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