• FFF - The Feeling

    Reviewed by Boomkat

    FFF - The Feeling

    The excellent Planet Mu pay a return visit to their raved-up hardcore roots with this debut twelve from Dutch producer T.De Roos who finds himself generating a kind of classic '92 Hardcore variation, littered with classic rave stabs and healthy Amen breaks, just the way we like it. Having just spent the evening yesterday listening to long lost Hardcore twelves from '92-'93 thanks to a friend who's just scored a van full of the stuff (and believe me - this stuff is now going for serious dollar) FFF has dropped in on us at the right time, and its nice to hear this stuff on well-mastered, nicely cut vinyl as opposed to the scruffed-up Liverpool pressings his predecessors had to contend with. Anyway, we ramble - this is good stuff, if you've enjoyed the Bizzy B material on this label we strongly recommend you get on this fast..