• Distance - Fallen (Vex'd Remix)

    Reviewed by Boomkat

    Distance - Fallen (Vex'd Remix)

    The long awaited return of Distance, here re-releasing his lost-classic "Fallen" (originally released on Boka a couple of years back) with the massively anticipated remix from Vex'd on the flip. The original is probably the most atmospheric thing we've heard from Distance so far - dense strings build the layers up in a surprisingly cinematic fashion with the immensely spacious and smart production offering up a bassline that, for once, doesn't really do what you expect it to, instead opting for a thick progression that plays a central role in the track's central melody. It's just breathtaking stuff. The remix from Vex'd on the flip tugs at the very core of the track and pulls it so far down that it becomes submerged in the weighty wobble of heavy bass, those strange vocal samples lending proceedings an eerie texture that's hard to fathom in one sitting. Brilliant stuff - the best dubstep twelve from the Mu in some time.