• Luke Vibert - Chicago,Detroit,Redruth

    Reviewed by Boomkat

    <b> Luke Vibert </b> - Chicago,Detroit,Redruth

    Another month, another Luke Vibert album, but this latest for Planet Mu (his second to be exact) is different, mainly because it's released under (shock horror!) his own name. Yep the man otherwise known as Plug, Wagon Christ, Ace of Clubs, Kerrier District, Spac Hand Luke, Amen Andrews and many, many other weird and womderful names has ditched all the pseudonyms yet again to come up with a rounded collection of tracks which borrow liberally from his entire recording history. That's no bad thing either when you consider a recording history as colourful as Vibert's - we've got drum 'n bass, classic acid, Detroit techno, electronica, trip hop and a liberal smattering of hip hop and it's all been lumped together into one album, which plays like a what's what of his career. I must say too, that some of the tracks presented on 'Chicago, Detroit, Redruth' are his best for a while, overshadowing the majority of his recent releases. The phenomenal Hardfloor-esque acid pulse of 'Argument Fly' for instance, or the hip-hop acid crossover of 'Rapperdacid' - these are tracks that are sure to have Vibert devotees dribbling all over their copies of 'Throbbing Pouch' and should even win over a few new devotees too. Elsewhere we get the slinky Kerrier nod with the album's title track 'Chicago, Detroit, Redruth', but this time we're treated to a shining set of acid bells and the point of the record becomes startlingly clear. Here Vibert has merged his identities and it becomes difficult to see where one side ends and another begins, and to my mind it makes perfect sense. Why re-invent the wheel when you've already got shiny chrome 24" rims eh? Ace.

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