• Neil Landstrumm - Restaurant Of Assassins

    Reviewed by iDJ

    Neil Landstrumm - Restaurant Of Assassins

    Techno stalwart Neil Landstrumm has shifted musical emphasis quite considerably on this Planet Mu release. Always one of the more open minded techno producers he indulges his whims more than ever here to create a sashaying beat-feast that shapes techno, house, old skool rave, acid, grime dubstep and hardcore into a right proper mash-up. Opener ‘Kid’s Wake Up’ lets you know Landstrumm has plans beyond the ordinary; the 808 bass, scratches, beats ‘n’ bleeps, cowbells and eerie synths hark back to a time when dance music was minatory – when It chewed heartlessly on your deepest fears, as well as carrying you to cerebral heights. The fabulously titled ‘Yorkshire Steel Cybernetics’ brings more bass gymnastics while tunes like ‘Reverse Fiebe’ confirm the nostalgia trip with a sweet cameo by the Ragga Twins. The vibe – rough and ready throughout – joins the dots between the hardcore days of yore and the rave dub-plates of today. The lesson? Don’t mess with Landstrumm, he’ll fuck you up big time.

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