• Luke Vibert - Mate Tron

    Reviewed by Boomkat

    <b> Luke Vibert </b> - Mate Tron

    Righteous stuff, to coincide with the compilation of his previous singles for Planet Mu on the "Lover's Acid" set and acting as a prelude to his anticipated new album "Chicago, Detroit, Redruth" due for the label in a couple of weeks time, this latest 4-track twelve from Luke Vibert comes in a limited edition of just 1000 copies for the world and is set to disappear just about as quickly as its predecessors. "Mate Tron" opens the twelve with another infectious Acid variation, this time infusing a kind of muted discoid funk that's described in the sales notes as "Acid, Disco and Breaks colliding in a 1970s launderette while a robot washes his smalls"... and who are we to argue with that? "Meatabix" on the flip is just ace - a brilliant 4/4 Acid template generated with the kind of spacious production Vibert tends to hit when at his very best - a match for the finest tracks in the Analord series, no doubt. "Salacid" finishes the twelve off on a more sombre note, the acid loops slowing down to a reflective pace, allowing for those signature Vibert melodies to rise back up to the fore. Brilliant stuff - limited copies!