• The Gasman - Love Collection

    Reviewed by Rockrolla

    <b> The Gasman </b> - Love Collection

    Hailing from Portsmouth, Christopher Reeves makes music under the somewhat frenetic guise of The Gasman. Much like the Adam West era Batman villain, the guise may conjure Reeves' music has reached somewhat of a cult status. Cutting up all elements in his compositions he strides a path not too dissimilar to Lord Aphex and mid swing Squarepusher adding rapid kick drums and descending arpeggiators to textured ambient backdrops. 'Vigor' employs that original rave keyboard sound with a modern cut and paste production twist, glitching the drum fills right up before dropping into a twised jazz rhythm. 'Parts' bounds through itself, imploding on the line of distortion that runs through almost every part, but its on minimal tracks like the end couplet of 'Coitus' and 'Flounce 2' that proceedings really gel. Reeve's use of droney Eno-esque synths behind bubbling blips tracks or organ works ,ore cohesively than the chopped up, frantic formula of alot of the album. Love collection is varied but but ties itself to the acid routine a little too much. The later tracks hint at a depth and personality that isn't apparent on the rest of the record, but that said there are plenty of quick succession speaker -tweaking moments that'll keep even the rifest ADHD sufferer listening intently.