• The Gasman - Love Collection

    Reviewed by Chain D.L.K

    <b> The Gasman </b> - Love Collection

    Personal project of Christopher Reeves, The Gasman delivers a new album titled LOVE COLLECTION. It is strange to think about a break-beat love collection but The Gasman on tracks like “Vigor”, the following “Cubicle”, “Parts" or the closing "Flounce 2" is capable of creating a smooth blend of styles that sound relaxing but having a good amount of energy at the same time. The tracks spans from semi ambient rhythmical compositions to tracks that are more schizophrenic thanks to the different rhythmical cut-ups and thanks also to Christopher’s way of creating electronic instrumental tense tiny suites. In this way we have a sort of good mixture of ambient and i.d.m. with some break-beat influence. Does this have something to do with love? If we think about love as a mixture of feelings and emotions, then… maybe.

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