• Distance - My Demons

    Reviewed by Notion

    <b> Distance </b> - My Demons

    Whilst the burgeoning dubstep community continues to develop, only a handful of producers in the scene are really up to the task of producing a complete piece of work in the form of a long player. With albums from the likes of Skream, Kode9, and inimitable Burial all bringing a mature and varied palette of of sounds to the genre, now steps up Bromley-based Distance. Coming out on Mike Paradinas' Planet Mu label, 'My Demons' is suitably uncomprimising in its shadowy, metallic and purely electric approach. Shunning the typical dub-reggae influence of his peers, Distance creates a claustrophobic and darkly intense album of rasor tight snares, hefty bass weight and distorted melodies. 'Night Vision', with its crumpling bass and twisting melody, is the perfect opener, whilst 'Traffic' is a fierce, industrial affair, with beastlike breathing samples and rave stabs. 'Cella' lightens proceedings with its flickering, live drum track and dreamy guitar effects, yet still brings the required 1000-league-deep-bass. Finisihing with the brilliantly emotive 'Delight' is a bold move that pays off through its atmospheric synths and luscious bass rolls.
    A forceful debut that demands attention.