• Distance - My Demons

    Reviewed by Melissa Bradshaw

    <b> Distance </b> - My Demons

    Distances fascination with the dark and the charged originates in his metal fandom, making him somewhat idiosyncratic among dubstep producers. The taut, controlled plat on the tensions between a relatively small palette of sounds-b-line kick and snares, rarely more than a few other lines at any one time, and only sampled vocals-is both the strength and limit of 'My Demons'.
    The title track is a classic, with a post Digital Mystikz skank, a bass that rolls between quiet and dubby suspensions, four bar structures that hang together as much as move into each other. 'Traffic' (another biggun) is more urgent, driving on with an angry momentum. 'Night Vision' and 'Cella' are softer, yet still ominously poised; 'Cyclops' and 'Ska' combine steppa rhythms with metallic (i mean sonically, not just generically) anti-melodies. Overall, this is a brilliant summation of a particular dubstep corner and mood.

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