• MRK1 - Copyright Laws

    Reviewed by Norman Records

    <b> MRK1 </b> - Copyright Laws

    I've listened to MRK 1 (Mark One) 'Copyright Laws' several times now and it just gets better. The Manchester Grime producer has had somewhat of a change in direction with his sound. Moving from his hip hop/ R&B flavored grime styles into dubstep territory and in the process showing many of the scenes current producers how it's done. There are some serious floor slaying basslines on here taking in some eastern influences (The sitar sound on 'Caveman Boogie' could have been lifted straight off Black Dog's seminal 'Spanners') and huge influences from Jamaican soundsystem culture. Sizzla even makes an appearance on 'I Got Too'. 'Grit' is heavy as hell pure audio filth. A master class in slow sonic sludge. Dark and futuristic this album is set become a classic in the genre. Highly recommended on Planet Mu.

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