• MRK1 - Copyright Laws

    Reviewed by Rock-a-Rolla

    <b> MRK1 </b> - Copyright Laws

    Copyright Laws is speaker-testing music in its truest form. To call the album 'rich in bass' would be one hell of an understatement, but then you'd expect nothing less from the 2003 Sidewinder grime producer of the year. MRK1 has successfully managed to manipulate multiple genres by taking the massive low end from dubstep, the drum patterns of electro, and a little of the sampling ethic of hip-hop, producing a sound that is altogether bulky and solid, with epic wall to wall bass and tight production. There are numerous styles MRK1 tries his hand at but it's the heavy handed, fat drum approach that works best for him. 'Devils And Angels' and 'Grit' are slow broiling and seasoned with mammoth snares, but the interplay between the kick drums and the bass lines stands out as being one of the most accomplished things about this record.

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