• MRK1 - Copyright Laws

    Reviewed by Plan B

    <b> MRK1 </b> - Copyright Laws

    The last few years have seen Manchester's MRK1 - formerly Mark One-swing from hollowed-out bass to brackish urban grime as the musical facet of Manchester crew Virus Syndicate. 'Copyright Laws' is perhaps the flipside to the burial album's hauntological, washed-out feel-still minimal, but muscular and fully corporeal, a ribcage-rattling prescence rather than a faded memory. Dubstep has a history of surfing ethnic sources for the atmospheric sonic, but MRK1's sourcing is too smooth to feel lazy: sitar and tabla ride the undulation of 'Caveman Boogie', while the appearence of Sizzla on 'I Got Too' walks the metaphysical flyover connecting cobwebbed kingston dancehall to Manchester multi-storey. Most of all though, theres the bass. It sounds like the 'Jaws' theme engineered out of low-end - seismic shudders that, whacked up loud, even on these speakers, tremble the floor like sonic sharks are trying to break the surface.

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