• MRK1 - Copyright Laws

    Reviewed by One Week To Live

    <b> MRK1 </b> - Copyright Laws

    Raining down with force from Manchester, displacing any ideas that dubstep is just a London ting, MRK1 returns with his follow-up to the low end opus that was 'One Way'. Similarly released on µ-ziq's Planet Mu imprint - although MRK1 has recorded for a number of labels in the past, Tempa and his own Contagious label being just two of them - this is the latest, largely instrumental, offering from the from the producer of the three MC grime/dubstep crew, Virus Syndicate. With an already established fanbase, there's a taught, feverish antiipation surrounding this release. 'The Underworld', one of only two tracks to feature vocals, has been tearing the speakers off TV's across the nation with its constant play on channel U. Virus Syndicate MC Poet Shado appears on the televised monster, whilst Sizzla handles vocal duties on the industrial stomp of 'I Got Too'.

    The remaining 10 instrumental tracks on 'Copyright Laws' evoke the super dark, menacing snarl you've come to expect from MRK1. The huge bass drops, slowed down ragga and garage riddims and harsh, mechanical shards of shattered synths litter the dead-of-the-night soundscapes. 'Slope' and 'Grit' come off like your usual apocalyptic dubstep tracks, but MRK1 varies the vibe with the eastern instruments on 'Caveman Boogie' and 'Trip Down The Nile'. His old jungle days are relived through the uptempo march of 'Dr Rudeboy', and the electronic dub sway of 'Sensi Skank' couldn't have ben more aptly named. As with many dubstep albums, its hard to recreate the atmosphere and thunderous wall of sound you'd experience live, and i feel its the kind of record that will appeal to the already converted.

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