• MRK1 - Copyright Laws

    Reviewed by Clash

    <b> MRK1 </b> - Copyright Laws

    M.R.K.1, otherwise known as Mark One, was responsible for the underground classic 'One Way' album of 2004, which fused elements of hip-hop and D 'n' B with Grime. During this time and since, Dubstep has been causing a stir, and often being misrepresented in a mass media keen to show knowledge of a burgeoning scene. Like many artists coming from a world of instrumental ragga and grime influenced beats (although coming from a slightly more eclectic angle) he is being thrown into this pigeon-hole whether he likes it or not. ALL THAT REALLY MATTERS IS THIS SOUND IS FAT. With one foot in the best bits of early ragga-rave, and one foot in the new millenium of dubstep, its all about the BASS. Look out for 'Sensi Skank', this track has to be heard to be beleived, a reggae monster bowling down the street near you. Fuck what the papers say on who may be the current poster boys of Dubstep, or whether they've moved onto another music scene altogether, and go and make you own mind up - this is as good a place as any.

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