• Pinch - Punisher

    Reviewed by Boomkat (Boomkat)

    <b> Pinch </b> - Punisher

    The followup to one of the most devastating 12"s of the year is finally here and it hits hard. There are many who would have wanted the Bristol man (and head of the Tectonic imprint) to slip up after the world went giddy over 'Qwaali' but no, 'Punisher' has everything it takes to give the dubstep scene another kick in the head - precise, cutting beats and a drop that heads so far low it seems unreasoable to expect it ever to rise again. Slip sliding bass is the order of the day - Punisher is low down and dirty, I'm talking sub-aquatic here; play this on a big enough system and you're guaranteed to lay waste to a small city. Again we have the heavy dub-reggae influence embedded in a knowledge and a deep understanding of the dubstep scene which gives the track a rich emotional core we just don't get enough of at the moment. 'Rob Ellis is one of the most important producers in dubstep right now - get on this killer twelve and start punishing...

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