• Julian Fane - Our New Quarters

    Reviewed by RockSound

    <b> Julian Fane </b> - Our New Quarters

    Vancoouver based singer/songwriter Julian Fane's debut album 'Special Forces', a confident mix of wintry electronica and shoegazing guitars, made him one of the more interesting and esoteric acts signed to Mike Paradinas' ever excellent Planet Mu imprint. If anything, his second release, 'Our New Quarters' is even better, challenging its predecessor's fine line beteween melody and experimentation. Often Nordic in tone, Fane effortlessly switches between moonlit piano ballads ('Downfall'), raucus feedback-drenched anthemic rock-outs ('Jonah The Freak'), reflective ambience ('Among The Missing'), and burnished electronics ('New Faces'). Fane's vocal style - a breathless Thom Yorke-eque yelp - takes a little getting used to, but the sheer emotional pull of the music carries you through. Impressive.

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